Wise Group


Wise has a unique approach, able to view security solutions from both user and provider's perspectives. We are intent on capitalizing on the talents and experience at our disposal to successfully manage and develop our business, contribute productively to the Yemeni Economy, share this Knowledge base in developing and transferring skills and establish a national footprint which is financially sustainable and supportive of our operational requirements.


Businesses in Yemen face an ever increasing security risk in a pressurized trading environment and therefore require dynamic and innovative security solutions.Customer needs call for careful and ongoing assessment. At Wise we believe that tried and tested, proven security practices complimented by new-age technologies will result in cost effectiveness and best of type security solutions.INNOVATIVE Our exposure to a broad range of security risks and solutions across the wide spectrum-of successfully serviced Wise customers provides an extensive knowledge base which is utilized in formulating client specific but innovative, tailor-made risk management solutions.


Service Offerings

Wise Security offers the following services, performed by highly competent staff who have been specially trained in their fields and in addition are aligned with best of type service providers where necessary.


Core Values


Selection & Devlopment Of Our People

Commitment To Quality

At Wise, quality management is considered an interdisciplinaryfunction encompassing all of the functions and activities within the company.

Responsibility for quality and quality management activities are therefore not only vested in the quality representatives but is the responsibility of every person in the Company.

To this end, Wise business processes are formatted and integrated into a comprehensive system in line with this standard.

All business processes are managed throughout the business cycle, Integrating customer retention and customer relations management processes, incident investigation management and tracking processes, fleet and financial management systems, resource scheduling and resource productivity systems.

The system is user friendly and creates a platform for best practice development and continuous.